As a manufacturer, we take it for granted that you must be supplied with products of the highest possible quality. However, the trick is not only to provide you with products but to offer you a strong and internationally marketed brand – in conjunction with comprehensive business ideas and all the backup necessary to promote the success
of your business. Systems and Service with “integrated” profit – this is what is at your disposal with LIQUI MOLY! Not just oils and additives but value creation and utilisation for your company.
With our product ranges, which we are continually expanding to promote sales growth and innovative high-tech products, you are opening up lucrative market niches and expanding your customer base.
By using market-oriented concepts which make sense, solve problems and satisfy needs, you will be able to achieve impressive sales and make high profits.
We produce innovations which you can use to penetrate new markets and business areas and use these to streamline the image of your own company.
Look in our catalogue, and see how we can support you with our comprehensive sales promotion program and help you in your business and companies with free advertising, information and display material.


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